A top Birmingham restaurant recently rented a BBQ Rents Smoker when they had a multi-day event, requiring:

          800 lbs of Boston Butts

          700 lbs of Ribs

          600 lbs of Brisket, and

          400 lbs of Chicken.  

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Other Features ​ include Propane-fired burners that can be used for frying fish, boiling peanuts or corn, or cooking beans and chili; and full-length wood bins for hauling a load of our premium seasoned Hickory or Oak, or storing your own supplies.  Our smokers require a 2" trailer hitch ball and 4-pin flat plug for the lights.

Our Grill Boxes have 2 Racks, 22" x 29" & 12" x 29", (almost 7 square feet!), that can accommodate many large steaks, a whole kennel of hot dogs, or 49 4-inch burgers at a time!

Our Rib/Warming Boxes have 3 Racks, each 18" x 18", (almost 7 square feet!), and can be used for cooking Ribs, Chicken, Brats, Boudain, Salmon, Beans, etc., or for keeping cooked items warm and ready to serve.

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Special Features

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We're proud of our Alabama-made BBQ Smokers!  They're easy to use, versatile, roomy and hand-crafted, but most importantly...THEY TURN OUT AWESOME BBQ AND OTHER SMOKED OR GRILLED MEATS!

Our large (20" x 24") Insulated Fire Boxes keep your wood use to a minimum, saving you time and money.  Their butterfly vents help you fine-tune the fire.

Cooking Capacity Example for the Smoker

With that total cooking surface area of 15 square feet, 
you can cook roughly 35-40 small Boston Butts (4-5 lbs), 25-30 medium Boston Butts (6-7 lbs), or 15-20 large Boston Butts (8-9 lbs).  We make no guarantees about this capacity.  Cooking methods are up to the individual, so they can vary widely. You'll need to make your own measurements of the meat you plan to cook in the Smoker, based on the dimensions of its racks. Remember to leave about 1/2 inch between each piece to allow heat and smoke to circulate.  Also allow space for a water pan in the chamber.

Our Main Cook Chamber​s ​ feature a Reverse Flow design for steady heat and smoke, and have 2 slide-out racks measuring 26" x 50" and 18" x 50".  With over 15 square feet of cooking surface, you can smoke large quantities of Ribs and Boston Butts, or remove the upper rack and smoke a whole hog!   We provide Aluminum Drip Pans free.  

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