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Our High-Capacity Smoker for Fundraisers & Large Gatherings

The BBQube's Dual Smoking Chamber​s ​ feature a Reverse Flow design for steady heat and smoke, and have 2 slide-out racks  in each chamber, both measuring 27" x 57".  With over 42 square feet of cooking surface, you can smoke large quantities of delicious Ribs and Boston Butts, or remove the upper racks and smoke 2 Whole Hogs for a hog-wild feast! 


​​Each of the Dual Smoking Chambers has its own Dedicated Fire Box, allowing you to fine-tune the heat in each chamber independent of the other, so that whatever you're cooking is done just as you like perfection!

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THE place for Wood-Fired BBQ Rental Equipment in Alabama!

Cooking Capacity Example for the BBQube

With that total cooking surface area of 42 square feet, 

you can cook roughly 100-120 small Boston Butts (4-5 lbs), 70-90 medium Boston Butts (6-7 lbs), or 40-60 large Boston Butts (8-9 lbs).  We make no guarantees about this capacity.  Cooking methods are up to the individual, so they can vary widely. You'll need to make your own measurements of the meat you plan to cook in the BBQube, based on the dimensions of its racks. Remember to leave about 1/2 inch between each piece to allow heat and smoke to circulate.  Also allow space for a water pan in each chamber.