Beans, Corn & More

One of the easiest meats to smoke, Boston Butts are always a crowd pleaser.  Our BBQ Smokers have large-capacity smoking chambers, so you can cook enough for a large gathering of friends and family, or for a corporate, school, or fundraising event.

​​Our "low and slow" Reverse Flow design BBQ Smokers let you create flavorful Beef Brisket that will have everyone praising your Grill Master skills.  Rent one for your next Barbecue Competition!

Hamburgers & More

Grilling for a big crowd?  Cook up to 130 delicious 4-inch hamburgers,  45 average-size ribeye steaks, or a whole school of fish at a time, using charcoal or wood, with one of our popular Grills.​

BBQ Pork

We Deliver!

​Our BBQ Smokers are carefully selected for their versatility.  Smoke ribs in the large 3-shelf Rib Box, grill succulent steaks in the Grill Box, or fry up the day's catch in the attached propane-fired Fryer.


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Ribs, Fish & Steaks

​​​​The propane-fired burner on our BBQ Smoker is perfect for turning up the heat on a large pot of beans, or boiling enough corn or peanuts to satisfy your hungry crowd.


This Business & Trailers

Are FOR SALE in 2022!

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Three configurations to

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1. Grill (direct heat)

2. Smoker & Grill Combo

3.  Hi-capacity “BBQube” Smoker

Bringing The Heat To Your Next Event !